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Wiki-based Software Documentation

Channing Walton - Monday October 10, 2005

I was recently contacted by Ademar Aguiar who is organising a workshop on Wiki-Based Software Documentation at WikiSym 2005. He got me thinking about Wikis again …

Wikis have proven to be valuable in all kinds of places, but I think its time for revolution.

There are a large number of Wiki implementations, each with their own markup and rendering, that make moving documentation between Wikis impractical which can be frustrating if you want to upgrade from a basic Wiki to something offering a richer feature set.

Wiki mark-up is not very friendly, its OK for techies but even as a techy I want to write the documentation in the same way I write everything else – WYSIWYG. There are actually some apps for the Mac which do this like VooDoo Pad.

Working offline is also problematic (unless you’re using something like the EclipseWiki which doesn’t rely on a website).

But the biggest thing for me is being able to integrate the documentation into an environment like Eclipse, to bring relevant information to developers. Being able to connect this to a testing infrastructure would be very powerful too, perhaps something like FIT.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, it would be great to hear about them.