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State of Flow: Ruby on Rails will rule the world::journal

Ruby on Rails will rule the world

Channing Walton - Sunday January 15, 2006

RoR is very cool, fast, and easy to learn. I just took 2 days to build an app that took over 2 weeks to build in Java …

I’ve just spent the weekend putting a web-based app together using Ruby on Rails. I have been meaning to build a particular app for some time but because I knew it would take a few weeks I’ve never had the time to do it.

I did spike this app in Java about 18 months ago and it took me 2 weeks to get something running.

This weekend, I rebuilt everything I spiked in Java (and more) in a few hours using RoR. Given I was learning how to use RoR from scratch this is very impressive.

(Can you tell I’ve drunk the RoR koolaid yet?)

I’ve been working on financial apps for about 5 years, almost all had web interfaces built in Java that took small teams months to develop. I see absolutely no reason why most of these couldn’t have been built using something like RoR (had it been around). Had they been, they would have been built faster with less pain, be smaller and been more responsive to user requirements changes.

I urge all web developers to give RoR a play, its easier to get running than you might expect from previous experience of silver bullet web technologies. And its fun!

Things that helped me to get started: