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Monkey Business

Channing Walton - Monday May 29, 2006

Eclipse Monkey (part of the Dash project) is a dynamic scripting tool for the automation of routine programming tasks. A new feature I’ve just added supports keybindings, read more to find out how…

Recently Ivan Moore asked if it was possible to add keybindings to scripts. I found that it wasn’t and after suggesting it I was asked to do it.

Before you begin, you need to read how to write scripts.

To add a keystroke to your scripts, you need to add a Key: metadata tag to the script. For example, to assign CTRL+B to a script:

Currently, the keybinding is limited to a single keystroke and does not support keysequences. The format of keystrokes is described in the org.eclipse.ui.bindings extension point documentation for the sequence attribute.

Thats it!

This will appear in the 0.1.7 release of Eclipse Monkey which you can get from the update site: