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Get Involved!

Channing Walton - Monday May 29, 2006

As developers we spend 6+ hours a day, 240 days a year working with our IDE of choice. So why do so few of us report bugs and get involved in the IDE’s development?

In almost every project I’ve worked on, there have been only one (usually me) or two members of the team that bother to report bugs or request enhancements of their IDE of choice. Plenty of developers are happy to complain about a recurring bug but very few ever seem bothered enough to actually do some about it.

Often the reason cited is that the IDE vendors never bother to listen to developers, or bugs never get high priority or some other lame excuse. How these developers can make these claims when they don’t report bugs I don’t know.

My experience with all the IDE’s I’ve used over the last decade is that IDE vendor’s are very keen to receive reports and act on them promptly.

My IDE of choice is Eclipse – you may have heard about it. I’ve been filing bugs for nearly five years, my experience is that I have a response to bugs I report within a few hours and sometimes within the hour. Most of the bugs and enhancement requests I’ve made have been fixed or implemented.

A bug report with a stack trace takes about 5 minutes to write. The pain of putting up with a bug probably exceeds that 5 minutes very rapidly.

Whatever IDE you use get involved and make your IDE and working life better. Either that or stop whining to developers that can be bothered to make your IDE better when a bug keeps annoying you.

  1. Franck Rasolo    Monday May 29, 2006

    I share your experience. It seems the most involved IDE users often are plug-in writers.

  2. Ashok    Thursday September 20, 2007

    I do report the bugs and enhancements to MS for VS.NET IDE from the beta version of the .NET 1.0

    Yeah, I received prompt feedback from MS folks.

    Ashok G