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Lance Walton - Friday November 24, 2006

A tail of two dogs.

Part 1: Spot’s Story

This is Spot. Spot is a dog. We know this because he does dog things. He is of the species Caninus Encapsulatus.


Spot is clever. He can do things.

Look! Spot is walking.

Spot Walking

Now Spot is running!

Spot Running

Spot can feed himself too:

Spot Eating

Isn’t Spot clever? I think he’s clever.

Part 2: Pots’ Story

This is Pots. We think Pots is a dog too. We believe this because he has all the same parts as Spot. He doesn’t appear to know how to take care of himself though. He is of the species Caninus Anaemicus Domainus.

Poor Pots

Pots needs help to do everything. His owner must find a Dog Mobiliser so that Pots can be walked.

Poor Pots being walked

Now Pots is being run. His owner can use the Dog Mobiliser again:

Poor Pots being run - if only his body parts could keep up

Pots can be fed too. Actually, his owner can put food into his stomach because it’s safer than trying to operate Pots’ mouth for him.

Poor Pots being force fed

Isn’t Pots odd? I think he’s strange. Instead of knowing how to do things for himself, everybody else has to know how to do everything for him.

Maybe that’s very clever of Pots. I don’t think it is.

  1. Andrew Jackman    Friday November 24, 2006

    Nice one!

  2. Channing Walton    Friday November 24, 2006

    I think you missed out the Factory for creating mobilisation strategies ;)

  3. Michael Stevens    Thursday January 24, 2008

    I think I’ve met Pots and many of his family.