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Eclipse Java Editor Settings

Channing Walton - Saturday February 17, 2007

There are some settings in the Java Editor that are not turned on by default which I find very useful …

The first useful item is Guess filled method arguments in Preferences / Java / Editor / Content Assist. As it says, it tries to guess the arguments to a method you’ve completed on using variables in scope. Its more useful than not and worth trying.

The second useful item is Word Proposals. These are in Preferences / Java / Editor / Content Assist / Advanced. This will add words found in text in the editor to your completion proposals which is very useful when writing documents etc.

Semicolons and braces can be inserted automatically which saves some fiddling. Turn these on in Preferences / Java / Editor / Typing.

Finally, in Eclipse 3.3, you can add a list of static members or types with static members to completions. This is under Preferences / Java / Editor / Content Assist / Favourites.

Hope you find it useful.

  1. Mark Matthews    Tuesday April 8, 2008

    handy stuff, thanks matey :-)