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State of Flow: Announcing Ergo!::journal

Announcing Ergo!

Channing Walton - Wednesday November 14, 2007

Ever wanted to know what the keybindings are for the most frequently used menu actions? Look no further…

Ergo will provide exactly what you’re looking for! As you use Eclipse, Ergo will watch your every move, recording how often you use actions and whether you invoked them from a menu or keybinding. You can even sort the columns in Ergo’s view!!

Ergo view

All you need is Eclipse 3.4 M3 or later, and install the plugin using this update site:

Your days of wondering what keybindings to use are over.

If you have any problems please contact Channing.

  1. Boris Bokowski    Wednesday November 14, 2007

    Do you also count invocations through Quick Access (Ctrl-3)?

  2. Channing Walton    Wednesday November 14, 2007

    Hi Boris,
    yes it does count quick access invocations. It monitors all actions whether they come from menus or keys.

    I intend to add some filtering if people find the plugin useful since there are some actions which aren’t too interesting (copy, paste, save, etc).


  3. Tomasz Zarna    Wednesday November 14, 2007

    Looks interesting, I’ll give it a try. Thanks Channing.

  4. Boris Bokowski    Saturday November 17, 2007

    Hi Channing,
    This is very interesting, for two reasons: First, this seems to be an easy way to gather usage data, which would help improving the UI (remove unused actions, make highly used actions more easy to invoke etc.) All we need for that would be something like an “export” option, correct?
    Second, it would be interesting to integrate this functionality into QuickAccess. You would lose the ability to sort, but showing key bindings (and being able to assign key bindings) is something I would like to see in QuickAccess.

    Would you be interested in contributing (parts of?) this to Platform UI in some form?

  5. Channing Walton    Sunday November 18, 2007

    Hi Boris,
    I’d be very interested in helping out. What do I need to do?