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"No repository found" errors in Eclipse

Channing Walton - Sunday November 2, 2008

Trouble installing Eclipse plugins!

I have been having lots of problems updating plugins in Eclipse lately. I get “No repository found” errors which prevent me installing anything.

I have found a couple of things to try to work around it.

First, I have found that the problem can be caused by some update sites. When I removed them I was able to install other plugins without problem. An example is, but I may be unfairly accusing these sites as the problem might be something else, it just seemed to work for me after removing them.

The second, suggested in the Eclipse Wiki is to remove the troublesome plugins from the sites and adding them back, which makes Eclipse refresh its metadata.

There is a bug report related to this, Bug 223646 so vote for it if you are having similar trouble.

Update see also Bug 236437