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Creating Java Projects Programmatically in Eclipse · 09/04/2007 by Channing Walton 

I had to create a Java Project to unit test my EclipseWiki. I found it fiddly and difficult to find information about how to go about it. Here is what I did which I hope will help others.

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Browsing Eclipse Java Perspectives · 25/02/2007 by Channing Walton 

When developing in Eclipse I favour the Java Browsing perspective over the Java Perspective. Here’s why …

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Agile Anti-Patterns - We Know Absolutely Nothing · 19/02/2007 by Lance Walton 

One of the premises of Agile Methods is that much of the knowledge gained from a project is specific to that project and team, and therefore does not necessarily apply to other projects and teams. This article examines a pernicious over-generalisation of this, that is unfortunately often presented as superior thinking.

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Eclipse Java Editor Settings · 17/02/2007 by Channing Walton 

There are some settings in the Java Editor that are not turned on by default which I find very useful …

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Anti-Social Enumerations · 14/02/2007 by Lance Walton 

Enumerated types that encapsulate no behaviour at all are sometimes, very rarely, useful. Usually, they are simply not taught how to behave and are therefore lazy and anti-social.

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Domain Specific Language Nonsense · 28/01/2007 by Lance Walton 

Much of the pop-literature about DSLs has a single concern, which is how to make code look more like natural English and is uninterested in those things that make languages more or less useful.

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InquisitorX · 23/12/2006 by Channing Walton 

Inquisitor… it’s like Spotlight for the web.

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Bwana · 17/12/2006 by Channing Walton 

Bwana lets you read man pages directly in your browser.

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Object Evisceration · 24/11/2006 by Lance Walton 

A tail of two dogs.

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Twisty VIM Eclipse · 08/11/2006 by Channing Walton 

Are you thinking of a VI editor in Eclipse … ?

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