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My Brain · 05/11/2006 by Channing Walton 

Here are some pictures of my brain …

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How do we tell truths that might hurt? · 29/10/2006 by Channing Walton 

Edsger W.Dijkstra wrote an interesting letter in June 1975 hoping to bring some honesty in to the field of computer science. I don’t think we heeded his concerns.

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Estimation XPeriment · 28/09/2006 by Lance Walton 

This article reports on an experiment I have been conducting in my current team that investigates the relationship between story estimates and sum of task estimates in order to determine if story estimates are sufficient for iteration and release planning.

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Overloading Java Object's equals method · 17/09/2006 by Channing Walton 

Overloading Object.equals() is considered a bad thing. But I was curious about a testcase that would prove why and Lance came up with one. Here it is …

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OS X Log file meltdown · 15/09/2006 by Channing Walton 

Lots of disk activity? Enormous log files? ...

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CoverFlow · 18/08/2006 by Channing Walton 

Coverflow is a very nice Mac app that lets you browse your iTunes music library the old fashioned way.

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Dabbling in Scheme · 15/08/2006 by Channing Walton 

This weekend I started learning Scheme … comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Do Banks Understand Security? · 01/08/2006 by Lance Walton 

Banks are helping fraudsters!

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Aptana · 29/07/2006 by Channing Walton 

The Web IDE …

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Software Fundamentals · 25/07/2006 by Lance Walton 

Plucking ‘solutions’ from the ether is clearly going to end in tears. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of this going on these days. The signal to noise ratio in ‘advancements’ in software development is, quite frankly, shocking.

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