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Vociferous Ignorance · 17/07/2006 by Channing Walton 

This is a good article – sums up many of my feelings about software in general, databases are no exception.

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I won a bike! · 14/07/2006 by Channing Walton 

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Visualising Regex · 20/06/2006 by Channing Walton 

A nice visualisation of regex processing.

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Get Even More Involved! · 16/06/2006 by Channing Walton 

You’ve got involved and have a bugzilla account. Now you can use it somewhere else …

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Wear Sunscreen · 11/06/2006 by Channing Walton 

A twist on The Sunscreen Song for developers…

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Get Involved! · 29/05/2006 by Channing Walton 

As developers we spend 6+ hours a day, 240 days a year working with our IDE of choice. So why do so few of us report bugs and get involved in the IDE’s development?

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Monkey Business · 29/05/2006 by Channing Walton 

Eclipse Monkey (part of the Dash project) is a dynamic scripting tool for the automation of routine programming tasks. A new feature I’ve just added supports keybindings, read more to find out how…

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Agile Anti-Patterns - Agile Malpractice · 04/05/2006 by Lance Walton 

Many of the XP ‘mantras’, when viewed out of their historical context, appear absurd. However, lack of understanding about the context also makes teams and individuals act in absurd ways when they cling too tightly to the letter of the practice.

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Sad and Disappointing · 30/04/2006 by Channing Walton 

Its sad and pathetic when people feel the need to take something fun and lighthearted and subvert it for their own commercial gain, particularly when they rely so heavily on the community they are attacking.

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Information Aesthetics · 23/04/2006 by Channing Walton 

Information Aesthetics is an interesting site about data visualisation Lance found.

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