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Agile Anti-Patterns - Premature Pragmatism · 08/04/2006 by Lance Walton 

It is easy to make superficial sense of XP and difficult to make real sense of it as a whole without actually doing it.

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How not to get good people · 27/03/2006 by Channing Walton 

A number of friends have been going to interviews lately and there is a common theme of exasperation with the so-called technical component of the interview. As a result, almost all turned down the jobs offered …

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Awesome images from Cassini · 24/03/2006 by Channing Walton 

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How to manage your team... · 25/02/2006 by Channing Walton 

A novel approach to keeping order in the office.

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How to Solve It! · 12/02/2006 by Channing Walton 

In How to Solve It, George PĆ³lya describes a method of solving mathematical problems which I think can help users, analysts and developers in their work.

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Agile Anti-Patterns - What's the Problem? · 23/01/2006 by Lance Walton 

This article, the first in a series, is about the submersion of analysis under a sea of user-stories when the team fails to separate problem from solution, as is apt to happen when a team first adopts an Agile Method.

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Agile Anti-Patterns - Failure Modes in the Implementation of Agile Methods · 23/01/2006 by Lance Walton 

Articles in this series are about how new-comers to Agile Methods can find themselves not performing as well as expected. The articles are an attempt to classify some of what I have learned since starting on the Agile path eight years ago.

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Ruby on Rails will rule the world · 15/01/2006 by Channing Walton 

RoR is very cool, fast, and easy to learn. I just took 2 days to build an app that took over 2 weeks to build in Java …

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Ruby, Rails and OS X · 14/01/2006 by Channing Walton 

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Simplicity: What is it? · 08/01/2006 by Channing Walton 

What is simplicity in software? How do we know when we’ve achieved it? What does it look like?

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