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Happy New Year! · 02/01/2006 by Channing Walton 

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Just Semantics · 15/10/2005 by Lance Walton 

Effective software development is critically dependent on the ability of the various parties to communicate with clarity. This requires a clear nomenclature and terminology. Unfortunately, many developers, business analysts and users play fast and loose with both of these things and then wonder why everything is a bit confused.

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Wiki-based Software Documentation · 10/10/2005 by Channing Walton 

I was recently contacted by Ademar Aguiar who is organising a workshop on Wiki-Based Software Documentation at WikiSym 2005. He got me thinking about Wikis again …

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The Sum of Simple Things · 13/09/2005 by Lance Walton 

The developer practice of ‘doing the simplest thing’ neither guarantees nor implies that the resulting code will be simple. In fact, those who are skilled in this practice will readily agree that the code thus produced is often not simple.

This article examines why this is, why the technique is still appropriate and the essential method by which the simplicity can be restored.

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Stop planning, type! · 10/09/2005 by Channing Walton 

Plans are useless but planning is essential …

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Web-Apps Considered Wasteful · 28/08/2005 by Lance Walton 

These days it seems, the default is for everything to be a web-app. Strong arguments have to be presented for building a ‘rich’ or ‘thick’ client, while those demanding the web-app also seem to be increasingly demanding a richer experience with it, always of course, in the context of shortening time scales. The result is an extraordinary stack of technologies combined with a wide range of patterns/idioms and adhoc solutions that come together to form a mediocre user experience and a boiler-plate rich codebase.

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Crossing the Agile Chasm · 21/08/2005 by Channing Walton 

Have Agile methods Crossed the Chasm into the mainstream? My recent experience certainly leads me to believe it has.

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Hello World · 14/08/2005 by Channing Walton 

First blog!

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