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This Eclipse plugin adds sorting to the Edit menu. You can sort case sensitively, case insensitively, numerically, and reverse the selected text. The numerical sort assumes that the first set of characters on each line is a number and sorts accordingly.

Installing and Using Sort It

The best way to install the plugin is using the update site:

Enable the plugin by customising your perspective and adding the actions under the following menu path: Window | Customize Perspective | Commands and checking the Sort It check box in the left most column.

To sort lines of text, select them, and select the appropriate sort from the Sort It menu item under th edit menu or popup menu. If you don’t select any lines then the sort will be performed on the entire file
CTRL+SHIFT+F will perform a case sensitive sort.
You can add your own key bindings in the Edit category.

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Bugs and History

Please report any bugs you find to channingwalton [the at thing]