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State of Flow: Tane Eclipse Refactorings::projects

Eclipse provides some very good refactorings. Some codebases that we have ‘inherited’ have needed more than the set of refactorings provided by Eclipse, so we decided to write those that we thought would be most beneficial.

Tane is at an early stage of development. We have only implemented one refactoring and the UI for that is a bit rough around the edges, but the refactoring does work and is useful. If you are interested in contributing, either with more refactorings or by improving the work we’ve started, please get in touch.

To install Tane, please use the update site – – or download the plugin from Google Code. Also visit Google Code for feature requests, bug reports, etc.

Tane (pronounced ‘Tah-ney’) is a Polynesian god who lets light into the world every morning by lifting up a corner of the dark sky.